Support Services

Peer Support Meetings:

We offer peer support group meetings each month for adults over the age of 18. Peer support meetings are solely for people bereaved though the death of a family member or friend by road violence, and for those who are recovering/have recovered from traumatic injury in a collision with a vehicle. If you are struggling in the aftermath of road violence, you are not alone. Peer support can be an important tool in processing the complex situation you find yourself in. You are warmly invited to join us. 

Meetings are held on Sundays from 1:00-3:00pm in Room 215 of the 401 Richmond St building. Meetings are a hybrid format - you are welcome to attend in person, or over Zoom or Google Meet. To join online, please email [email protected] in advance for the link to the virtual meeting.

Please follow FFSS on BlueskyTwitterFacebook and Instagram for announcements on dates and locations for upcoming meetings.

Support Group Meeting Date for 2024:

The next meetings scheduled for 2024 are as follows. New dates will be added as they are scheduled.

March 17 2024:
April 14 2024:
May 19 2024:
June 23 2024:
July 14 2024:
Aug 18 2024:
Sept 8 2024:
Oct 13 2024:
Nov 10 2024:
Dec 8 2024:

In addition, one-on-one support can be arranged on an as-needed basis by emailing [email protected].

Support Through a Trial:

If you are facing a trial for the driver who harmed you or killed your loved one, this can feel very intimidating and isolating. You are not alone. You should not have to face what can be a painful and re-traumatizing process by yourself. If you email us at [email protected] with the location and date(s), we will do our utmost to be there with you to be a supportive presence in the courtroom. We care very much about you, and the harm and loss you have suffered.

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